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Star trek convention near me

Here, at last, is the chance to come on board the Starship Enterprise! Recreated Exactly as they were laid out on the "Desilu" (Now Paramount Pictures) Stage 9 in Hollywood for the original 1966-1968 run of STAR TREK,the sets of the Fabulous Starship U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 awaiting guests to step aboard and be transported to the world of.

Even Star Trek captain William Shatner has poked fun at Star Trek conventions, those assemblies of eager fans that take place in dozens of cities around the world each year. But his famous Saturday Night Live Trekkie-mocking sketch aside (see below), Shatner would also be among the first to credit the audience of the Trek universe with ensuring that there is a Trek. This just dawned on me. Where are the irish conventions? ... Menu. Home › Topics › Entertainment › Sci-Fi & Fantasy › Star Trek. Advertisement. Private Profiles - an update on how they will be changing here. An Irish Star Trek Convention. 03-02-2004 6:00pm #1. MrVestek. Registered Users Posts: 9,042.

Hope there is one near you soon Quin. Salt Lake Comic Con is a week away. They've got Wil Wheaton coming, Christopher Lloyd (Klingon captain, Star Trek III), Dick Van Dyke (no relation to Trek, as far as I know, but c'mon; it's Dick van Dyke), Gates McFadden, Jewel Staite (Firefly is a kin-series, right?), and John Barrowman and Catherine Tate (Dr. Who also has Trek overlap, right?).

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Star Trek Convention Tickets. Star Trek Convention. Tickets. Reviews (1) No Events Near. Washington, DC and Maryland. Select Your Dates. Sorry... there are currently no upcoming events.

Star Trek (2009) Constitution Class Pack. (3 votes) Jetfreak, 2009-11-21. This is a joint project between Jetfreak and thunderfoot006 which upgrades the previously-released Beginner/Amateur mod of the Star Trek (2009) Constitution class starship. To call it an upgrade is an understatement, as this is more like a wholly new take on the Ryan. #star trek voyager #voyager #star trek.

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